Been Forever (Promo Only)

Been Forever + 350 MB Production Pack

by The Maniac Agenda & Randy Seidman

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Been Forever + 350 MB Production Pack

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RELEASE DATE: 9/2/2013 (Labor Day)

Production Pack Link is IN PDF File!

Innovative glitchhop collaboration from chart topping powerhouse production trio and known video game music producers (Metal Gear Rising) The Maniac Agenda and Chillout/Progressive artist Randy Seidman aka resident touring DJ for Psytrance megastars Infected Mushroom.

"Been Forever" features Live funk guitars, Psy-synths, tripped out vocals, and more to create a unique atmosphere never heard before set to tickle the 3rd eye at festivals and dance floors around the globe.

Production Pack Link is IN PDF File

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Welcome music maniacs! Check out our new Promotion feauring a new production pack and collaboration song with Daenine called "Blades"(detail below).

The song "Blades" is a movtivating track about how to rise up even in times that make you feel down.
Inspired by life....Listen to a clip below

THIS PROMOTION IS OVER! Thanks for those that participated

This week only - Blades by Daenine & Maniac Agenda - Get a Track + Production Pack Details Below: by TheManiacAgenda

Blades Production Pack

"This WEEK ONLY" Edition "Blades" Production Pack

by The Maniac Agenda & Daenine

Here is what is in it:

1. “Blades” Acapella of The Maniac Agenda
2. 10 Resample Basses by Daenine
3. 8 Snares that POP requested by Troy LaPeter & Malcolm Ostrenga
4. Royalty Free Vocal Samples by The Maniac Agenda
5. 20 NI Massive presets (Basses & Leads) by Daenine (NOTE: you must have at least version 1.3.0)
6. Ableton Live file containg their signiture  “Instant Trippy” Audio effects preset by The Maniac Agenda (Note: You must have Version 8.2
7. Live BASS & Drums by The Maniac Agenda
8. Strange FX part 1 by The Maniac Agenda
9. More S.E.X. part 2 requested by Mark Arkinson
10. Logic Project File by Daenine requested by Kalib Smith

Preview some of the Sounds in this pack here:

7 Days only! Get this Limited Edition Production Pack for EDM Producers = Details Below by Jamsounds4u

All in 16 bit High Quality Wav, but you can download the test  MP3 Demo Samples from this pack for FREE here :

This limit edition production pack is available for one week ONLY in exchange for supporting our new collaboration  "Blades" exclusive on beatport.

To get this production pack now:

Here is how to get the “Blades” Production Pack

1. Go to and purchase “Blades” Exclusively on beatport
2. Take a screen shot of your receipt by clicking the (Printscreen button on your keyboard  or For Mac cmd + shift + 4 and pasting it into Paint)
3. Email us the picture to
4. After confirmation we will email you the link for this limited edition production pack

Thanks for your support!

if you have any questions,comments, concerns, feel free to message us on our contact page

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The Maniac Agenda {X_^}

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