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YouTube just Ended the Loudness War? Thoughts! 

by Ian Shepherd


This is HUGE.

It may not look like much, but if you’re involved in music production, recording, mixing or mastering, this image could be the most important thing you’ll see all year.

What is it ?

It’s the loudness output of a YouTube playlist, as measured by the MeterPlugs LCast loudness meter.

So what ?

First – it’s quiet. The loudness levels are all quite low, especially by modern “loudness war” standards.

Second – it’s very consistent. More importantly than the low loudness… Read more

How to get your music played by DJs 

Hey Guys - We are still working on our new Production Pack Dropping in a few days so wanted to add some value to your lives with this great interview article: 

Want DJs to support your productions? Follow our dos and don'ts

While it's possible to generate a following on social media sites such as SoundCloud, the best way for dance music artists to get exposure is through DJ support. However, DJs get sent a huge number of tracks, so how do you make sure that yours stand out?

We asked Tomek from house… Read more


Have you ever had an amazing and completely original song echoing around in your head? You can hear it perfectly. Every voice and instrument is clear. You know when the beat drops, when the horns come in, or when another singer joins the vocals.


The problem is that you have no idea how to document your creativity, much less produce the actual music. Humming it to other musicians isn’t enough to make them understand and you’re worried that you might forget all this wonderful music if you can’t document it… Read more

How to Choose an Audio Interface 

In a world without tape, the audio interface has become the gateway to preserving sound for many people. Having your inputs, outputs, and conversion in one small box provides a cost effective alternative to discrete units. However, with such a saturated market, finding the right audio interface is now harder than ever!


Understanding Inputs and Outputs

Most people consider the number of inputs and outputs to be one of the biggest criteria for choosing an audio interface. The problem with this assumption… Read more

Recording Vocals Professionally in a Home Studio 

Recording Vocals Professionally in a Home Studio

The problem with recording vocals in a professional or home studio is… Well, just that… The act of recording vocals.

There is nothing natural about it. The human voice is the most complex and finicky instrument there is, and it takes quite a bit of technical outsmarting and finesse to effectively capture an accurate representation of the audible vibrations emitted from an individual's’ vocal chords. Unlike recording a guitar, acoustic OR electric, a piano, or… Read more




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