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Lastest News

50/50 Records Releases The Maniac Agenda collaboration with Trazshman "Lost and Found" 

We are happy to announce a new single dropped last week called "Lost and Found." This track is a audio and visual collaboration with the talented  Trazshman  rapping and the visual artist Chris Vellrath doing the artwork.

This was one of those songs when the studio vibe was perfect! However, we thought we lost it when a hard drive crashed, but we later found it. A fitting story for the songs title. We brought it straight to 50/50 Records and together we present "Lost & Found" a compound of musical elements… Read more

How to EQ like the Pros Do! 


Here is a great guide to show you where the different frequency ranges are so you can make better choices when mixing your track. Feel Free to book mark this post as reference when mixing!

Kick Drum

Muddiness can be rolled off around 300Hz. Add a small boost around 5-8kHz to add some high end to punch through the mix.

Frequency Effect

50-100Hz Adds bottom to the sound

100-250Hz Adds roundness

250-800Hz Muddiness Area

5-8kHz Adds high end presence

8-12kHz Adds Hiss


A… Read more

10 Great Tips for Being a Professional Producer 

10 Great Tips for Being a Professional Producer

Rihanna’s producer and Grammy award winner Brian Kennedy shares his top 10 music producing secrets.


As far as production goes, the top of the mountain belongs to the maestros who compose the world’s top pop hits.

They’re responsible for a kind of wizardry that binds together catchy lyrics and addicting melodies. It all comes together to create an air of familiarity that sends their songs to No.1.

We were privileged enough to get some crucial… Read more

Awesome Graphic To Help Mix Your Music! 

Hey Guys I wanted to share this with you as this graphic shows a lot of useful mixing information all in one graphic. I hope this helps your mixing!

- Antonio/The Maniac Agenda


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Best Way to Submit Demos to Record Labels and Get Signed! 

Best Way to Submit Demos to Record Labels and Get Signed!

From my experience doing A&R for Multikill Recordings I can suggest a few basic dos and don’ts to keep in mind when sending your demo to labels. Let’s start with what NOT to do:

  • Don't Send CDs, WAVs, or even MP3 downloads without first sending a stream. Soundcloud is a perfect way for A&Rs to preview your work without having to download-and-delete endlessly.
  • Don't  Talk about how your songs are unfinished. It’s… Read more




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