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How to set up your home studio environment to maximize creativity 

Dear Music Maniac,

Setting up a studio enviroment that supports you work flow is very important when trying to create your music. I recently found a article on Bandzoogle blog that I wanted to share with you guys. Now you have a check list of things to consider when creating your studio space

Posted by Adam on Jan 22, 2015 in: Music Career Advice



If you’re a musician, then you’ve been involved to varying degrees in recording. While many of you have probably been in a pro studio,… Read more

The Producer's Guide: How to achieve your music goals in 2015 

What up Comrade?

New Years is still fresh in your mind and you have big expectations for this year. Being a producer  and a member of The Maniac Agenda  means I have to balance my everyday life with my goals as a artist and a producer.I feel many of you are in the same boat so I found this helpful article by music PR legend ARIEL HYATT that can help you and me achieve our goals this year.

It is still the very top of a brand new year! It is an ideal time to set your goals. I see a marked difference between… Read more

Free Mixing Guide using iZotope Plug-ins and More 

Hey Music Maniacs,

I was surfing the internet zoning out  when BAM it hit me like a  tornado propelled bumble bee crashing into earth, disrupting the compose of my mind, leaving me dazed by the powerful force as I stumbled upon this sick mixing guide by iZotope. It is great cause it covers many of the fundamentals, but also adds some cool tips and tricks to get your songs sounding hella mint. Scoop it up maniacs and get your show on the road. Much love! Antonio "SAT" of The Maniac Agenda

here is a really… Read more

Awesome Mixing Approach Tutorial Using FL Studio 

Awesome Mixing Approach Tutorial Using FL Studio

article originally by HTMEDM by Petri Suhonen


In this tutorial, I will show you a simple and very basic mixing technique/approach which may help you to create ok sounding mixes. I’m using it every time I mix my own music and I’ve been quite satisfied with the end results. (If you’ve been watching my tutorials, you’ve probably seen me using it many times.

This technique is no secret: it’s the very first step you take in the mixing process, but very… Read more

7 Ways Producers Can Raise Money and build their Dream Studios! 

Help Build Your Dream Studio

Today is the most exciting time to be a music producer. Although controversy over poor compensation by streaming music services like Spotify, music piracy and the over-saturation of media are valid concerns within the industry, there are countless opportunities for aspiring producers and songwriters. Start turning what your parents, friends or significant others may call your “hopeless hobby” into a real career. Pursuing music production may feel like an abstract journey without… Read more


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