Greetings Music Maniac,

Time for a NEW production pack from your requests! This is Not the packs from a few weeks ago, but a fresh production pack made from YOUR requests for round 3!  You can get this new pack right now in exchange Voting for us AGAIN! The competition is tight and we are the only electronic group in the top 10 out of thousands of bands. We want to show Warped Tour that electronic artists can ROCK just as hard and need your help to prove it!  All your efforts are much appreciated.

 Get ready for some production tools to get you inspired....

This pack is available for 4 DAYS ONLY so make sure you get this Maniac Pack before it is GONE!

Here is what is in it:

Fm8 + Massive Complextro Bass Presets
5 Synth VSTs
8 Bit sounds
Dirty Break Drumloops
Beast MODE Kicks
Sex Sounds Producer edition
Royalty Free Vocal Phrases
Ambient/Atmosphere sample
Royalty Free Female Vocals
Plus Bonus Content :-)

Vote to get the Warp Tour pack version 3 now:

1. Go to

2. Next click the Red Vote Button on the right of the Warp Tour Page. The button looks like this:

3. Fill out the short form with your name, a email address, and the captcha

4. Send a Email to Using the same email you used to vote. Once your vote is confirmed you will receive a reply with the pack.  Enjoy! 

If you are having trouble please inbox us on our Facebook page

Remember to check your spam folder in your email account as the confirm email sometimes ends up there.

Thank you Again! Sincerely,

The Maniac Agenda {X_^}

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