8 Reasons To Get In The Studio with Your Valentine

8 Reasons To Get In The Studio with Your Valentine

I realized that Valentines Day is near so rather then give  out a "love" inspired track I decided it would be better to give you my top 10 list of how to spend Valentines in the studio and have your Valentine love you for it.

Here are some ideas I have done in the past that have worked wonders as my saying goes "Couples that make music together... Stay Together" {X_^}

1. Record one of his or her voice messages and sample it into a track

2. Get your Valentine in the studio and create a song together *bonus if you can convince him or to sing especially if they can't and you use melodyne or autotune to make them sound cool*

3. Create your lover a playlist/mix of all the songs that remind you of him or her

4. Surprise your lover to a short in home concert, but make sure he or she feel like a V.I.P with a front row seat, a bottle of his or her favorite beverage, snacks, and decorate the room (studio) to look special

5. Cover, mash-up, or Remix your partner's Favorite song

6. This next one works especially well if you have a larger following and it fits your brand. Do a post on all your social networks with a cute yet goofy picture of you and your lover's time in the studio as this makes them feel special seeing all the activity.

7. For some they are at point of just waiting for that perfect moment to pop the question... Why not do it in front the crowd during the break down of your DJ set. Some may call me the devil for this one, but all is fair in love and war. Plus who could forget your set after that ending! {X_^}

8. Surprise your Valentine with concert tickets and physical copy of the Album (but hide a nice note inside the cd booklet for her to find at a later date) in the note write down a link for her to go listen to a song you made for her anything you see fit)

Come lets us know some of you ideas - how any of these ideas worked for you - or send us Pictures or tracks of you and your lovers in the studio (the best ones will be posted on The Maniac Agenda web properties) on our facebook page here

For those boycotting Valentines Days this year, We included a FREE download of our  "Let It Die" Remix in this email using the code at the bottom. Enjoy {X_^}

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