Celldweller Louder Than Words Remix Contest

Dear Maniacs,

Our Celldweller remix of "Louder Than Words" is now up and ready for your vote. As you know, we have worked over a period of a couple months solely on this project just for the contest. You know eveyone love the maniacs - so let history repeat itself and lets take another step for Maniac kind. Here is what you have to do:

1. Go to http://www.fixtremix.com/register/ and make an account
2. Confirm you email address
3. Log in to Fixt using the email address and password you use to set up your account
4. Go to http://www.fixtremix.com/remix/v/louder-than-words-louder-than-words-the-maniac-all-stars-rebirth-by-the-maniac-all-stars/610/
5. Click the vote link
6. Give us a 5 star rating
7. There is only 1st vote allowed per account in this contest so make sure you use it on The Maniac All-Stars

8. This is a bonus, but Blog, Email blast, strip naked paint it on your body while running the streets, or just tell your friends to vote. We have a great chance of winning, but can't do it alone - We need you Maniacs!

Peace, Love, and Respect,

The Maniac All-Stars

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