Erothyme's New Album Release

Dear Maniacs,

Our good friend and fellow artist Erothyme has just released another PsyDM master piece. I suggest you all check it out:

You can download it at [MP3] or [pretty much any other format].

That said, the physical release is now underway, and you are invited to take part in it if you so choose!

The CD comes in a gorgeous digipak. It costs $10, or $15 outside of the US. You can buy it at

Beardology says:

"Coincidentia Oppositorum is a full-length PsyDM epic from Erothyme which is liable to propel you into the astral plane. It is unique and transformative and, while complete in its own right, will leave you ensured that the journey is truly only beginning. Prepare to have your third ear thoroughly stimulated."

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