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Tell us about your group dynamic?

A. The dynamics of Audio-FX are pretty complicated, in terms of who we are, but in short we have Nyx who would be considered as the director of our ops, and I, Hondo, would be the mechanic putting theory into practice (in other words Nyx is the bossy one (laughs)).

Where you from?

A. We are based in York UK and although Hondo was born here, Nyx grew up in a very small but beautiful village on the east coast.

How did you start getting into music?

A. We have always had a keen interest in music so needless to say we both started very young. Hondo began by playing the guitar from the age of 11 and has been part of various, locally well known, bands ever since. He really found his calling when he got his first laptop and began to digitally produce music at the age of 14. I, Nyx, began by playing the violin from the age of 7 and have been a collector and amateur player of various instruments ever since. I have always enjoyed singing so jumped at the chance to be part of the school choir, and loved it. I have dabbled in many different areas of music and performance but have only been part of two bands, including this one, so this has been a new and very exciting experience, one that I hope continues!

Any tips you can give to up and coming producers?

A. I think the best advice we could give anyone is to keep trying, learn from your live performances e.g. What worked well, what you think needs adjusting, which tracks maintained the audiences attention and what else could you add live that will make you memorable. Performing live is the best way to find out where you're at. We always say we live on the learning curve as you can never quite tell what you have until you open it upto objective ears. Something that we also think is very important to remember is to be professional and organised e.g. If something goes wrong live, like it often will, don't react and strategise quickly! And try not to get involved in idle gossip, rumours can cause a lot of damage to those involved. Being organised can be difficult, especially under pressure, so the first step is to maintain your calm so you can think clearly.

What is your vision for the project?

A. We have just played YO1 FESTIVAL which was one of our biggest gigs so far and had you asked before we may have answered differently! It was great to get out there and gather some real live feedback on what we have been working on and the direction we have been going. After much discussion over this last week we are going to be heading more towards jumpy, energetic and fun tracks and Nyx is going to be on the front line singing much more again. In the long term the vision we share for our project is to bring people together in a love for music so that in those brief moments they forget their differences and bounce in unison, there's to much fighting there needs to be an opposite and we hope we can make a difference. When is your next release expected to drop? A. Well that is a tricky question (laughs), I'm sure this question will make some of our fans chuckle too! We couldn't really answer this question without addressing the past failures to launch! There were various factors involved in these situations but the simple explanation would be that we wanted to ensure that we provide the best quality for our fans and we were not completely happy with the outcomes so have been holding them back. We are very close to reaching our goal on that one! But I think the best person to ask would be Tony Gonzo

How would you describe your style?

A. I would probably say complicated (laughs) maybe a little too much at times as people don't always know what to expect, which we kind of enjoyed , we are going to become a bit more predictable in the future though. As many of our fans know Audio-FX was born from the industrial underground and have transitioned through various styles during our time together but we still have a touch of each genre in everything we do as it's what we love and part of who we are. As I mentioned earlier there are going to be some changes in direction and because we are going to attempt to fuse another two genres together we're going to leave what's in store as a surprise Where do you see electronic music in 5 years? A. I think it will continue to grow and merge with other genres. I think that over the course of the next five years the music industry in general is going to become very diverse again which will be exciting as we could see other genres being revived which would be brilliant. It could spawn an entirely new sound altogether!

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you on this maniacal musical journey?

A. The whole journey has been like a crazy rollercoaster for both of us! Nyx suffered terrible stage fright in the early days and used to be in bits before going on but thankfully over time has gained confidence, we're pushing past our obstacles which feels pretty amazing! I think the craziest thing that has happened to us is after we had played a big gig in London and, due to the hotel we booked double booking us, sleeping on the sofa in the back room of the all hours venue then only to find out that I was pregnant with our daughter Lyra and had been for about 3 weeks! So it must have felt very bouncy in there during that gig! She has been a little dare devil from the minute she arrived, perfect little girl! I have to mention that the support we have had from all of our friends, family and all of the fans and supporters is the most amazing to us we just couldn't do what we do without you and we're pleased that people are enjoying it as for us that's what it's all about.

Where can people download your music?

You get can some free musical goodies here: https://www.facebook.com/audiofx.official/app_190322544333196 or http://www.soundcloud/a-fx

Are you a maniac?

A. HELL YEAH! we're like maniac 1 and maniac 2!

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