Exclusive Interview #1: Cody Allard of edmDistrict & Argofox Talks YouTube EDM Promotion Channels

Hey Music Maniacs,

We are happy to bring you our first exclusive interview!  We, The Maniac Agenda, aren't just a music group, producers, but music lovers. We love to give back to you guys for all your support so we are starting a interview series to give you inside information to help your music.

The Maniac Agenda knows promoting your music is just as important as creating it. YouTube is one of the leading ways you can promote your music as a label or independent artist. We scouted out Youtube to find our favorite channels to give you guys a insider look on how to best pitch your music or how to even start your own promotion Channel. To do this, we brought you guys an expert:

Cody Allard

edmDistrict and owner of ArgofoxCC & Argofox Youtube Channels

How long have you been promoting on YouTube?
My first upload was on July 15, 2013 for http://youtube.com/Argofox (8k subs) and December 6, 2011 for http://youtube.com/ArgofoxCC (13k subs).

How did you get your start?
Gaming! Procrastination during University studies replaced studying with Call of Duty. Friends pressured me to create a montage so I started hunting for music to use. After a bit of research, I quickly realized that 99% of the "Non-Copyrighted"/"Copyright-
Free" channels on YouTube were misleading their subscribers with incorrect terminology, as the rights holders weren't authorizing the use of their music in this way at all. I discovered that Creative Commons licensing (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/), which gives others permission to share, remix/adapt and use content commercially, was the only viable option. My first montage (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrXdP5VvInE) led to the creation of my first channel, ArgofoxCC.

When submitting music to YouTube channels what is the best way for an artist to stand out?

Make your submission as convenient for the promoter as possible. Give them a SoundCloud promo link with downloads enabled so that they can freely access the file if they enjoyed the stream. Make sure you keep your text as concise as possible (give them the TL;DR version, not your life story). When the promoter specifies how to submit, do not submit elsewhere. Emailing a submission to a promoter that provides a separate form will likely result in getting blocked.

How did you come up with the name Argofox?

I pieced together Argo from the Toronto Argonauts (http://www.argonauts.ca/) and Fox from a Fennec Fox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fennec_fox), using the "adjective + noun" approach to create a unique brand.

What words of advice would you give to someone trying to start up a channel?
Spend a week researching what's required from you before and during the management of a channel. Make sure that you can secure the same slug/username across all of your social media outlets [YouTube (and Google+), Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and website]. Don't rush/settle! Lastly, contact http://facebook.com/edmDistrict when you're ready to consider YouTube partnership.

Who are your favorite artists at the moment?
Limiting myself to the first 10 that come to mind: Aether, Astronaut, Aylius, Barely Alive, Daenine, Elliot Berger, Felxprod, Haywyre, Myriad, SirensCeol.

Where do you see EDM in the next 5 years?
We'll continue to see trends come and go. Dubstep, for example, is on the decline at the moment. On the other hand, Melbourne and Deep House are seeing a sudden spike in popularity, at least in North America. Thanks to artists like Krewella, Zedd and Avicii, EDM will continue to surge into mainstream media

How to submit your music to the Argofox?

1. Subscribe = here
2. Submit your music = here

Please go show Cody some Maniac love for joining us today! You can reach him at the following internet properties:

Argofox is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) promoter that supports upcoming labels and artists from all around the world -


Listen to The Maniac Agenda's Upload on Argofox:


  • mike
    mike ny
    great interview! thanks for the tips!

    great interview! thanks for the tips!

  • Steven
    Steven IL
    Dubstep is not on the decline fucker where I'm from people still love it idk where ur getting ur information sounds like ur speaking for urself

    Dubstep is not on the decline fucker where I'm from people still love it idk where ur getting ur information sounds like ur speaking for urself

  • josh
    josh uk
    Thank for the info!Great interview! You Rock Maniacs!

    Thank for the info!Great interview! You Rock Maniacs!

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