Exploring Modulation in Massive and Kontakt

Since there are only 3 days left until we launch our next production pack, we wanted to cover something sound design related for beginners and advanced producers so we found this cool article we wanted to share with you. Enjoy

“Modulation” is one of the most important terms in music, and it gets used in so many ways! This is a informitive collab video by Berklee and Beatport.

They explore the importance of modulation within synthesis and using Native Instruments Massive and Kontakt. The great thing about these techniques is that they provide a starting point for an infinite number of sounds perfect for dance music(and other styles for sure). We start with a basic overview of synthesis and modulation, then we dive into two important techniques Risers and Rhythmic modulation.

NOTE: If you are comfortable with synthesis and modulation I would suggest you skip the first 3 videos and jump right in on the Massive Riser Modulation and Kontakt Rhythmic Modulation videos.  Enjoy and getting ready for a Powerful and inspiring Maniac Agenda Production pack coming this Monday.

Here is a link to the videos on Beatport.

Article by originally by Loudon Stearns  for Berklee music

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