How to Network Your Way To Music Success PART 1 - Social Objects

“Did you know you are on average only Six degrees of separation from any person on the Planet?”

Hello Maniacs,

Welcome to the Blog – The Raw uncut no holds bars realest guide to making a career out of music. Every Monday, I touch on the topics you want to learn about based off real life experiences, successes, failures, and even call in special guest professionals to tell it how it is.

This weeks Blog is the 1st post of a four part series on the mysterious dark art of NETWORKING. Everyone does it just some don’t understand they are or how to make the most of it.

What I’m going to tell you will surprise many of you.

In this Full article you will learn how to:
1. Use the power of SOCIAL OBJECTS
2. Find people that can help your career
3. Build Your Social Value and use it as a tool
4. Increase your social network
5. Maintain and use it

This is part 1 and covers how to Use the power of SOCIAL OBJECTS

Download the article by clicking HERE or the picture

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