Maniac All-Stars Featuring YOU! Collaboration Project Seeks Fans, Musicians, Singers, & Producers

We are happy to announce the we, Maniac All-Stars, are calling fans, musicians, singers, producers, and YOU to help create our next track for release on  our up coming EP.

Here are the details:

1. Download the sample loop with a key/chord structure and Bpm as a guide for you to produce the music. It is in the Key of "A" at 140 bpm.

Keep in mind you  are not required to use any parts of the stems - they are just a guide. Just keep the song at 140 and in the key of A and dont use any illegal samples:.
Download The Stems & Demo Here

2. Please contribute either  8 or 16 bars worth of original music (you must own the rights and may not infringe on others copyrights) and then send us the stems in 44.1 16 bit.Wav files via to

3. We will then slice, chop, mix and match everyones stems to make a track

4. We will get the song professionally mixed and mastered and release it on our up and coming EP for everyone to hear the final result.

5. Everyone who contributes will be credited on the record and receive a Maniac All-Stars sample pack filled with royalty free samples, midis, and pre-sets. Plus everyone will receive a 16 bar feature from Figure of Speech or B.O.P. of The Maniac All-Stars to use, sell, remix or whatever in your own projects.

6. All Submission becomes the property of The Maniac All-Stars and will be copyrighted, under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (

7. Must be 18 or older to submit

8. Submissions due by 12/12/2010

9. Have Fun!

Now get busy! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


The Maniac All-Stars

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