Mastering in iZotope Ozone: Matching EQ Technique

Hey Music Maniacs,

Here is a great trick that we use all the time. This is from Vespers channel on how to EQ match in Ozone. A little Maniac bonus tip is we use this trick in our mixing process to get take curves from individual stems and apply them to other instruments so they have more of the sound we want. In other words, you can use this on individual instruments not just in mastering with tracks like in the video below.

For example: Say you have a guitar tone you like use this process to take the eq and then apply to your own guitar. It isn't the end all be all, but def a hell of a great start in the right directions. If you are from Missouri, come party with us June 14 in St. Robert at the Trinity Entertainment Complex. For more Info and ticket details go HERE


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