The Maniac All-Stars Finalists in Celldweller's "So Long Sentiment" Remix Contest

Dear Maniacs,

The Maniac All-Stars were hand pick by Celldweller and the Fixt team as Finalist in the "So Long Sentiment" remix contest. Our remix is now up and ready for your vote. This is our final remix contest for a while and would love to end it with a 1st place win, but need 5 secs of your time!  Here is what you have to do :

1. Go to  for the HTML Version or Go here for Flash Version

2. Check the Box next to The Maniac All-Stars Final Rebirth located 2nd from The Bottom.

3. Click vote button

4. This is a bonus, but Blog, Email blast, Tweet, strip naked & paint it on your body while running the streets, or just tell your friends to vote and spread the word. We have a chance of winning, but can't do it alone - We need you Maniacs!

Much Respect,

The Maniac All-Stars

Plus check this Sweet Video made by Maniac Raquel

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