The Maniac All-Stars to Release Exclusive Remix for the FiXT Store

Dear Maniacs,

We just remixed modern rock group Bullet Proof Messenger's track "Control."  The track was just released as a FiXt Store Exclusive as part of the Fixt Remix Vs. Series.  The Maniacs version of "Control" is an breaktastic electronic rock track sure to get your blood pumping. The track even has special guest vocals from Maniac All-Star rapper B.O.P. The track is part of a compliation that also features eight new remixes of BulletProof Messenger by the FiXT Remix community including Maniac All-Stars' friend Andrew Maze. Deluxe edition includes instrumental versions of all eight mixes. Now go listen to a pre-view and purchase the track and get your MANIAC ON for only 99 Cents and the whole compliation for $7.99.
Click here to give a listen!

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