From Electronic Rock Producer who helped bring you The Metal Gear Rising OST, Official Remixes of Celldweller, Starset, and innerpartysystem, and credits on the Billboard #1 Hard Rock Album... Comes a new project...




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A message from FuzzAmental - Artist Introduction:

Hello, I'm Antonio "FuzzAmental" of The Maniac Agenda. Here’s where I’m supposed to tell you what moves me to create music. It’s my big why...why I produce music, what I produce, how I create, and why you should care.

Creating an introduction to one's art can paralyze the most talented artist because writing an introduction is sharing our souls in a way that is vulnerable and almost too succinct to describe the depths of why we create. For the sake of the challenge, just for a minute, and to help you know me and my music a little better, I’ll write a short and pungent artist introduction...

Stay with me… I promise I won't waste your time as by the end of this I might take you closer to my heart and you may discover some nuggets to help you on your journey.  

Here’s where it gets serious…

My music is inspired by the deeper journeys we all experience as humans learning to make sense of life... loss, confusion, excitement, lust, struggle, death, hate, love…the us that is us….and by a deep calling to delve deeply into raw emotions and sonically tell the stories that invoke them. Sometimes with words from collaborators or even instrumentals to let your imagination take the lead.

I’m compelled to find a way to share what I feel in the studio, taking the intangible parts of our raw humanness and making them audible. I create electronic music at the core, but with live organic instruments on top of fat drums often, but not always, depicting the human experience in a cinematic or dreamy way.

Fans have described my music as epic, emotional, exciting, futuristic, deep, inspirational and even transformational.

The media has said:

"Fuzz Heady sounds like if Celldweller, Pretty Lights, The Gorillaz, and The Chemical Brothers got trapped in The Matrix." - The Beat Blog

However, I call myself a producer which means music is my language and I use it to translate my feelings. I work very quickly and intuitively reacting to each note as if the Ableton Live is speaking to me directly. I add layer after layer sometimes exposing what is underneath in order to create unique moments and add mystery. I like to improv jam with my friends or myself over a drum loop then sample the sessions into arrangements, add synths, and build songs from there. I do this to keep the vibe of chemistry of the musicians pure. I love sound textures and finding new ways to create unusual sounds.

Currently, I'm still recording my debut EP entitled "The Colours Outside The Lines," but I wanted to give you something special on this visit. I have stashed my music on the deep web and blockchain for streaming at no cost [which you can find the hidden link in the pdf that comes with remix EP above]. Call it sort of a Pre-release so you can have a little bit of a feel for where the sound of this project is going. 

I was sharing my dilemma with my friend about writing this artist introduction and how hard it can be to translate what I do into words….in his infinite wisdom… he said….

“In the end, all people really need to do is listen and they will know that this is something raw, unique, and special”

I think he is right...

I hope to cross paths with you sometime soon, fellow traveler.