What is The Maniac Agenda About?

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The Maniac Agenda are alternative electronic music artists,  music production educators, & co-producers of The Metal Gear Rising Soundtrack.
 "If you like electronic music with heart and soul with a human touch and a deeper meaning yet will still smash your fucking speakers you have found your home" - S.A.T. of The Maniac Agenda 

What others are saying about The Maniac Agenda

EDM.com (Glitchhop.net) - "If this isn’t a great representation of the originality and creativity coming into glitch hop, then what possibly could be? Live guitars, psychedelic ambiences, trippy vocals, and insane production... it’s crystal clear that this is a labor of love. There’s loads going on in here, and each successive listen will bring more elements to the forefront"

Multikill Recordings - "I been looking for something truly different yet AWESOME that gets me excited about music again! I think we found it" 

EDMsauce.com  - "I’ve never been a huge fan of glitch hop, but this wiped out all my objections" - 

 Rollingstone - "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Soundtrack [Co-produced by The Maniac Agenda] is undeniably awesome" 

The Maniac Agenda's music has captured the attention of gamers around the world with Metal Gear Rising selling over a million units world wide. The emotional delivery, big bass, and knack for melodies make The Maniac Agenda's music the perfect backdrop for that epic road trip, work out,  Youtube video, or a weekend gaming session.

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