The M.A.S. Featured Maniac of The Week - Music Video Cameo? - & Wreckradio Band of 2010

Dear Maniacs,

Our maniac of the week is Amber aka FIXT Girl aka SWD. She is a photographer and photo editing maniac. Her work can be seen over at Celldweller's Fixt store showcasing FIXT merchandise. We are proud to announce Amber will be doing the next photo shoot for The Maniac All-Stars. We look forward to it! You can learn more about Amber and her photography at:

If you would like to be considered for Maniac of The week in the future please email  us a photo and tell us "What makes you a Maniac" to

In other news, The Maniac All-Stars have just been recruited to feature as the backing band in a music video for Prydelands/MyGrain recording artist Jahn Q Publaq. The video is of his new single "Go Hard" produced by SAT & DMF of The Maniac All-Stars. You can hear the track here and download it on Itunes.

Finally, Thank everyone who voted The Maniac All-Stars as "Wrecked Radio Band of 2010" at the 2010 Wrecked Awards. is a music news, pop culture, and comedy channel on Youtube with over 10,000 subscribers. You can watch the awards show and see our announcemnt speech below:

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