The Maniac All-Stars' Electro Shock Thereapy Underground Rave Recap!

Dear Maniacs,

The Reviews are in! If you were part of the 150-200 strong crowd that came out to see The Maniac All-Stars with only four days notice then you know what went down. This event was an awesome display of the true underground rave scene and how it is still alive. Shout out to Blue, The Maniac All-Stars and The Electro Shock Therapy Team who all made this event possible. Great music, lots of lights, free water and food, cheap cover charge = GREAT TIMES. We plan on doing many more in the future and woud like to invite those who haven't experienced this style of event to come on out. To those that already did you know what fun is in store. Sign up on our email list to recieve our secret party details, locations, and directions.

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